HDMI Connector

An HDMI connector resembles similarly with that of a USB cable. Its compact size as well as high integration that carries both audio and video makes it possible for the HDTV installation experience to really be plug and play. They are often recommended because they are all digital ensuring the perfection of picture quality from the source to the display that you see on the screen. They are all essential for digital video and audio connection which eliminates cabling thus reducing clutter in your system. In almost all HDMI reviews, these cables are actually becoming the standard for HDTV connections since people are now opting for high definition television. Only HDMI cables enhances the display and sound quality that offers a whole viewing experience.

The video portion of the HDMI is handled by three separate differential pair and each of these pair transmits 1 of 3 uncompressed native digital of R, G, B signals from the equipment or source such as DVD player and set top box to the sink or the HDTV display. It has a unique protocol transmission minimized differential signaling which is used to transmit the digital data. Each of these pixels is typified by 24 bits, eight bits each for every primary color. The TMDS clock then provides the pixel clock needed for data stream timing.     

The data rate of the single link HDMI connection is 4.96Gbps. This is because the maximum rate of pixel clock is 165 MHz and every 3 TMDS video streams deliver 10 bits. The totality of the date rate is calculated by multiplying 165MHz x 3 x 10 and derived to the answer 4.96Gbps. There are 19 separate pins that can be found in the HDMI connector and 3 pairs of TMDS signals carrying the digital video and audio signals. These are the things that can be found inside the connector along with their functionalities. To know more about the different things that these cables are capable of doing as well as their variety of brands, go ahead and read HDMI reviews to acquire necessary facts that would describe these products best.

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