HDMI 1.3

An HDMI 1.3 b cable is definitely what you need when looking for cables you can use for you new TV. As our lives advance, we no longer rely with the use of analogue three cables that were basically yellow for vide and red and white for audio. Due to the confusion it brings to the user in wire connection, there are many manufacturing companies who designed cables to be easier to use and minimizes clutter that naturally occurs in three cables. Now, we have the HDMI single cable that answers simple and less cluttered digital connection. Various HDMI reviews came out regarding the efficiency of HDMI 1.3 for it offers many other benefits that you can discover as soon as you start using them.

If you are unsatisfied with the color and sound quality that the cable you are using offers, it is about time to switch into this HDMI cable. The separate audio and video feed makes you stay away from use of the single co-axial RF to three cables. HDMI 1.3 allows you to enjoy better your home entertainment system. This is the only thing that maximizes spaces as well as promotes orderliness at home for you will no longer with many cables that are sometimes prone to accident. Aside from these benefits, this cable is also capable of carrying signal quality that you can you can expect it would really provide better viewing and listening experience you never had before with your traditional cable. The connection is simple, there are no many cables require in order for them to be connected on your device. This is the real proof of plug and play connection.

This is definitely the kind of connection that you would want your entertainment system given the fact that it offers many benefits you cannot find with other cables. Get yourself acquainted with these products by reading HDMI reviews that gives cutting edge information on different HDMI cables and cords.

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Cheap HDMI Cables

Home entertainment devices cannot function well without cables and cords. HDMI has become the best choice for consumers nowadays because of its ability to provide high quality sound and screen display. This makes them a little bit costly. If you are on a low budget and you want to experience the same quality, a cheap HDMI cable is the answer to your needs.

Amazon Basics HDMI Cables

Cheap alternative to pricey Monster Cables:

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (6.5 Feet/2.0 Meters) [Supports 3D + Audio Return Channel]
AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (9.8 Feet/3.0 Meters) [Supports 3D + Audio Return Channel]

The reason why home entertainment owners want to get only HDMI than many other cables and cords around is simply because it allows both audio and video transmission in a digital instead of analog trend which are commonly emphasized in HDMI reviews. This is alike to the DVI interface which sounds familiar that can be found on set-up boxes and computers. However, only DVI can deliver video signals. DVI to HDMI converter is available if you want to connect your LCD TV for excellent quality digital display. Cheap HDMI cable is a good choice as they make everything simple, from the connection and other extra steps like translating signals between digital formals and analogue compared with older interfaces. It also aids in solving the problem via the transmission of uncompressed digital signal, enhancing quality and accuracy. It also supports the cutting edge 1080p high definition video standards and can be also compatible with standard on low resolution. This type of cable allows you to enjoy high quality digital audio of up to 8 channels. Connecting these cables and cords to the equipment will never be a hassle because it is designed to be easy. HDMI has greater bandwidth than those required for mainstream video or audio device.

These cables vary in price, ranging from $10 to $50. If you are on the run of setting your home entertainment device and you want to save more, then you have greater reasons on why you should be getting HDMI cables. To make yourself acquainted with the brands and types of this type of cable, you should read first HDMI reviews and get informed with what the market for HDMI cables has in stored for you.

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HDMI splitter explained

If you are looking for HDMI splitter explained, you are certain to be on the right page. HDMI splitter has many uses. It is used in grocery stores, malls and can be used even in our own homes. This splitter is further explained by HDMI reviews which contain all of the information you will find necessary to know. There are some of these reviews keeping you informed of the things it is capable of doing that other splitters cannot simply offer you.

This kind of splitter comes in good quality and in buying one; you should purchase an HDMI splitter that is v1.3b. This is because it is the type available which is compatible with older HDMI devices and also works effectively with new ones at an excellent speed. You should be careful with really cheap HDMI splitters for they can cause you with really big problems in the end.

You also need to assure that it is powered. There are times when you are shopping in the market and find there really cheap splitter cables. Well, no matter how much money you will save out of buying it, still it will not effectively work for you. This is for the reason that they are not powered rather they degrade the signal which results into poor or low resolution signal or even causes complete signal drop which leaves you nothing but a black screen. If you do not want to experience this kind of annoyance and disappointment, you should beware with such splitter cables and choose only those that are known for their good quality as well as efficacy which is the HDMI splitter.

The HDMI splitter 1×2 v1.3b is a reliable splitter that takes any of the HDMI signal and duplicates the signal which sends the same definition signal to 2 displays at the same time. If you want to keep yourself updated regarding HDMI splitter explained, you should read reviews regarding this kind of splitter so you can assess them yourself. There are tons of HDMI reviews and one of them tackles about this kind of splitter for consumers to be aware of.


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Philips HDMI cable

One of the popular brands of HDMI cable is Philips. Philips HDMI cable is very easy to set up on your equipment. It enhances the quality of the picture and allows the player to upscale to a proper high definition level of 1080i or up to 1080p. People seeking for 3D experience would normally pick this kind of HDMI cable as it provides them with what they really need.

It has features such as exceeding 4x 1080p video resolution and even goes beyond what you have imagined. This makes your viewing experience like you are in real cinema theater for everything is clear and displays video well even audio is incredibly clear and good to the ears. You will read more of these features and functionality on HDM reviews that talk about the cable produced by Philips and how they were able to perfect this product to give utmost entertainment.

This type of cable also allows HDMI – connected television with integrated tuner to send digital audio data to the surround audio system that no longer requires for another audio separate cable to make everything completely perfect both the video display and sound produce. It supports 3D video formats that displays true 3D home theater as well as gaming applications making you enjoy better picture as well as sound quality.

Since it is nickel – plated, it established a clear and clean contact within the cable and the connector for more amazing connection. It is not complicated to install and you can have them done before you knew it. Moreover, it will not give a hard time for users as they use it because of its non-slip ergonomic grip. It makes component connection easy and convenient. The Philips HDMI cable is durable and has a flexible PVC jacket which secures the protection to the most delicate cable core. And since it is lead-free, you are sure that it is made from environment friendly materials. These are the amazing benefits of the HDMI cable by Philips which can be found as well in HDMI reviews.

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HDMI to DVI cable

HDMI is the latest standard connector for both audio and video equipment. It is compatible with DVI meaning that the two connectors could be linked together without any composite electronics within these two connectors. HDMI to DVI cable is cheap to make and minimizes loss of signal. This is very essential for people who want to listen to music or watch TV without any interruption due to bad signal. There are many HDMI reviews regarding these cable, as a matter of fact, there are information about DVI will be eventually replaced in the future.

For many years now, the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) has been standard connector for computer monitors. It has taken the place of the analog VGA port, a conventional standard, and enabled people to replace the bulky CRT monitors along with the slim LCD monitors. Because of the fact that not all monitors have speakers, it has been decided early on that DVI cables will no need to deliver audio signals. Accordingly, the HDMI to DVI cable can be used only for video that is why other ways should be discovered to hook the speakers up. There were both digital and analog versions of DVI, but HDMI is purely digital standard. It will work typically with the digital versions DVI-I and DVI-D but not with the analog version DVI-A.

There are many users that are already familiar with DVI port and know how to use it to connect an LC monitor. However, not many of them knows that it can also be connected to HDMI port through the cable HDMI to DVI that is used to connect a computer monitor to gaming consoles of the modern time.

If you are on the market for this kind of cable, you should choose one with good shielding, ferrite cores and gold plated connectors. It should work in both directions given that the connectors have the correct gender. Or if you want to know the best ones available, read HDMI reviews and give yourself a favor for this will make you know the right one to purchase.

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