What does HDMI stand for?

There are many of us who are aware of the functionality of HDMI cables. But do you know that not all of us know what HDMI stands for? HDMI actually stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This is a type of digital or audio cable which gives an efficient digital connection of audio and video systems like DVD players, cable box, home theater, television monitors and others. HDMI cables and cords come in several color and shapes that works in transmitting the uncompressed data. Today, you can read on HDMI reviews how these cables and cords function efficiently of composite video, radio frequency coaxial cable, S-video and VGA.

These types of cord and cable have made a twist in the market for electronics in many countries on its first launch way back 2003. Many electronic companies were able to see the reliability and efficiency of this product and from there onwards, it has been typically used by many household. Because of its high quality, it has been used to enhance high definition TV, MPEG streams and computer formats that are available in the market. It has feature of compatibility with the backward forum, the DIV or Digital Visual Interface that were previously used by a huge number of consumers.

These cables are designed to enhance the quality of picture and sound in high quality digital systems. Because of the many developed and released versions of this cable, there is endless and unfathomable possibilities regarding the potentials they can do. All of these versions include three different types of connectors, Type A, Type B, and Type C that consists 19 pins for full support of SD, HDTV and ED formats. Type B has 29 pins providing a prolonged video resolution. There are also two additional cables within the HDMI family and they are the category one cable and the category two cables.

As you read HDMI reviews, you will get real assessment on how these cables work together to provide you with best performance when it comes to transmitting digital signal and produce high quality output on audio and video. Are you satisfied enough now that you know what HDMI stands for?

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