HDMI to DVI cable

HDMI is the latest standard connector for both audio and video equipment. It is compatible with DVI meaning that the two connectors could be linked together without any composite electronics within these two connectors. HDMI to DVI cable is cheap to make and minimizes loss of signal. This is very essential for people who want to listen to music or watch TV without any interruption due to bad signal. There are many HDMI reviews regarding these cable, as a matter of fact, there are information about DVI will be eventually replaced in the future.

For many years now, the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) has been standard connector for computer monitors. It has taken the place of the analog VGA port, a conventional standard, and enabled people to replace the bulky CRT monitors along with the slim LCD monitors. Because of the fact that not all monitors have speakers, it has been decided early on that DVI cables will no need to deliver audio signals. Accordingly, the HDMI to DVI cable can be used only for video that is why other ways should be discovered to hook the speakers up. There were both digital and analog versions of DVI, but HDMI is purely digital standard. It will work typically with the digital versions DVI-I and DVI-D but not with the analog version DVI-A.

There are many users that are already familiar with DVI port and know how to use it to connect an LC monitor. However, not many of them knows that it can also be connected to HDMI port through the cable HDMI to DVI that is used to connect a computer monitor to gaming consoles of the modern time.

If you are on the market for this kind of cable, you should choose one with good shielding, ferrite cores and gold plated connectors. It should work in both directions given that the connectors have the correct gender. Or if you want to know the best ones available, read HDMI reviews and give yourself a favor for this will make you know the right one to purchase.

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